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Manage your workforce from anywhere

Managing work schedules improves productivity, prevents excessive overtime, and connects pay rate and skills with the ever-changing business needs. For this reason, ABC has created a powerful and user-friendly app that can help you manage multiple teams and venues and connect their pay rates, skills and availability with your organization’s fluctuating demands.

Why Do You Need A Workforce Scheduling App?

In any industry, workforce scheduling is the key to ensuring that your business functions smoothly. This means you need an app that adapts to last-minute changes such as a sudden leave of absence and delays in job reporting. 


At ABC, we believe that using a powerful employee scheduling app can help organizations improve their productivity and remain competitive amidst today’s cut-throat competition when everything moves at a dizzying pace. 


By using our workforce scheduling app, you get to enjoy the following benefits: 


  • You can edit your employees’ shift times based on the fluctuating business demands. 

  • You can check who’s working where.

  • With our workforce scheduling app, you can avoid employee disengagement and compliance issues.

  • Prevent “expensive” issues like overstaffed shifts, employee burnout, excessive overtime, etc. 

  • Our real-time employee data and labor costs and demand help managers make intelligent staffing decisions instantly.

How Can We Help Your Organization With Our Workforce Scheduling?

​At ABC, we believe that smart data and automation can help organizations improve their productivity, reduce compliance issues, and keep employees engaged and happy. By working with us, you don’t need to manually input your employees’ names, their roles, shifts, pay rates, and availability using a spreadsheet or any semi-automated system that’s susceptible to making “expensive” errors.

Ready to find out more?

To schedule a free demo, please contact us below and a representative will quickly reach out to you. Or give us a call at (877) 297-5460.


“[ADP sales people] often call, and the smart ones give up quickly when I tell them, ‘I use a small company for my payroll and I would never switch. I’m extremely satisfied with them and intend to keep it that way!’ Much thanks for your great service!”

Cece M.
McDonald's of San Jose

Modern City

Why Go With ABC Workforce?

We offer a full-service payroll software solution that boasts a user-friendly interface and cloud-based technology designed for these functions:  

  • Timekeeping

  • Payroll creation

  • Repairing and reviewing employee work schedules

  • Other human-related tasks

Additionally, our payroll software allows employees to see their accounts and provide them answers to any of their payroll-related inquiries. 

With more than 40 years of experience in the payroll and human resource industry, we can help you improve your workforce productivity, reduce financial and legal risks, and minimize labor costs. 

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