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Automatic Business Computing - How We Can Help

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

How We Can Help You

We are experienced full service payroll processing experts with over 40 years in the business, equipped with cutting-edge cloud-based technology for HR, time keeping, payroll, and work scheduling.

While payroll and HR have distinct roles, we integrate them to reduce paperwork and prevent errors and backlogs. By partnering with us, you can also lower your overhead cost and access powerful software and cloud-based technology.

Furthermore, our payroll and HR experts are well-versed in the best industry practices and the latest federal and state regulations to ensure that your company complies with the law and enjoys the tax returns and benefits you are eligible to receive.

See how our payroll service & software can improve your business.

  1. We can help you reduce your overhead cost. If you’re a startup or small- or medium-sized company, having your own in-house payroll and HR department can put a significant dent in your budget. But when you partner with us, you can access industry experts and payroll-HR software at a fraction of the cost.

  2. You can focus more on the core functions of your business. Payroll and HR tasks can eat up a lot of your time, preventing you and your core employees from focusing on the most essential aspect of running a business: growth.

  3. You can avoid costly mistakes. IRS reports show that around 33% of employers, many of them small- and medium-sized businesses, make payroll errors that often come with hefty penalties. By making us your partner, you can avoid payroll errors, late tax filings, omissions, and other costly mistakes.

  4. You get to access the most powerful software and cloud-based technology. At Automatic Business Computing, we use the latest version of payroll software that comes with the most recent tax tables to ensure that you comply with the ever-changing laws and regulations.

  5. We can fool-proof your payroll and HR processes. Imagine this scenario: Your HR staff or bookkeeper leaves your company, taking their knowledge of the payroll system with them. You can avoid this nightmare by partnering with a reputable service provider who can offer solid data security and “consistency” in your payroll process.

  6. We can prevent fraud and employee embezzlement. Paying your employees with a paper check can expose your business to fraud because it reveals your account number and other sensitive information. This is why we use direct deposits because their confidentiality means you can avoid fraud and employee embezzlement.

  7. You get to update and access employee information fast. If you and your employees can access payroll and HR information, you can streamline your operation better, cut unnecessary costs, and do updates quicker and more efficiently.

  8. You get to enjoy data security. We offer solid data security to prevent embezzlement, identity theft, tampering of files, and other unethical workplace activities.

  9. You can tap high-quality talents at a fraction of the cost. We are a team of experts with in-depth knowledge in human resources, payroll, the latest regulations and laws, and industry standards.

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