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New InTouch DX Timeclock (with video)

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

A reimagined timeclock experience for the modern workforce

The future of work is people. That means your organization needs technology that inspires and empowers employees and managers to work productively. An engaging employee experience should start at punch-in and continue throughout the shift — helping your people stay informed and manage tasks with ease.

The Kronos InTouch DX combines ergonomic features with a rugged, industrial design that stands up to serious abuse in even the toughest work environments. It’s amazingly easy to install and service, and it offers an intuitive interface that’s simple to learn and use. Best of all, the Kronos InTouch DX is future-ready, so you can take advantage of breakthrough technologies as they become available to keep pace with change and realize maximum value.

The Kronos InTouch DX empowers users to perform common actions, such as punch-in/-out, view punch status, review punches, and transfer between jobs, locations, or projects, at multiple clocks during a single shift.

Key features include:

  • Large 7" capacitive color LCD touchscreen

  • Real time notifications

  • Streamlined navigation

  • Ergonomic for improved ADA compliance

  • Rugged design for virtually any environment

  • Multilanguage support for your diverse workforce

  • Schedule enforcement

  • Touchless badge, card, and proximity reader

  • Optional biometric authentication

To learn more, scroll down and submit a request for more information.

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